Chart: The Billionaires’ Brand Emporium

According to, the company’s CEO believes that the prices of crude oil and increased volumes sold are likely the reason for such a significant profit in 2022. This makes these companies larger and more valuable than some countries’ entire economies. Today, tech and energy companies dominate the biggest corporations in the world. Time will tell if these high flyers can stay in the top positions and which industries emerge to challenge these coveted positions.

Oil means big money, especially when you offer oil refining, production, exploration, and the import and export of chemicals. Their headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC, and they claim to serve 67 million customers, including small business clients. The bank serves its customers in 35 countries, has 4,000 retail locations, and has 16,000 ATMs worldwide. As one of the most recognized names in auto manufacturing, it’s no surprise that Volkswagen earns a nice amount of money through its profits. They make and sell motorcycles, automotive services, engines, and turbomachinery. While this oil giant’s profits over the last year may be related to the world emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re still a company that deserves notice.

  1. Microsoft (MSFT) is a global developer and licenser of software, devices, solutions, and services.
  2. This company is often the first name that comes to mind when many people think about safe, reliable vehicles.
  3. Ultimately, you’ll want to have an estimate of how much cash you think the business can produce and whether that cash will be shared with investors or reinvested back into the business at attractive rates.
  4. SAP software gathers and centralizes data, normally which would be collected and analyzed separately by each department/team.

In total, 72 of the world’s largest tech companies are based in the United States, flat from last year after falling from 81 in 2021, but still far more than any other country. China, Taiwan and Japan also remained tech hotspots, claiming home base for 25, 15 and 12 companies on the list, respectively. China was the only country adding spots on the list compared to last year, when it had 21. Next up, Microsoft lands at the No. 2 spot for tech after a three-spot ascent in the global rankings to No. 9 overall.

Colin Huang, who also goes by Huang Zheng, is the founder of PDD Holdings, the Chinese e-commerce company that changed its name from Pinduoduo in February 2023. He stepped down as chairman of the company in March 2021 and owns nearly 28 percent of PDD Holdings. PDD launched budget shopping site Temu in September 2022 to compete with Shein, led by fellow Chinese billionaire Chris Xu. Ma, a former English teacher, co-founded one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, Alibaba Group.

The cooling stock market is certainly hurting the tech industry, but there’s another explanation that partially explains the tech billionaire decline. Samsung was founded in 1969 and has become one of the leading providers of electronics in the world. In 2021, Samsung was the leader in global television set market share for the 16th consecutive year with a share of nearly 30 percent. The company also produces other appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, while also offering air conditioners and smartphones. Samsung is also one of three major companies that manufactures memory chips that are used in a wide variety of end-products including phones, computers, data centers and cars. There may not be a list of the wealthiest companies in the world that doesn’t have Warren Buffet’s holding company on it for a long time to come.

Bill Gates

They maintain a presence worldwide in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and throughout Asia-Pacific. According to their website, they are leaders in the market with the products and services they offer, including bank cards, residential mortgages, and infrastructure loans. Not to mention, this banking giant has been a trailblazer in bringing its financial services to an IT platform. However, you can still do business with them in person at any of their more than 23,000 branches throughout China.

Altogether, the technology companies on Forbes’ Global 2000 come from 25 different nations and employ more than 8.2 million people. They represent a staggering $15.8 trillion in market value—up from $15.6 trillion last year and equal to roughly 15% of the global stock market. Assets also swelled, climbing nearly 10% to $6.4 trillion from $5.9 trillion last year. Rounding out the top five, Samsung Electronics is steady at No. 14 globally, and Meta Platforms climbs one spot after its stock surged 20% over the past year. Shares are still down 27% from a 2021 peak, but they’ve more than doubled this year, as the firm broke a three-quarter-long run of sales declines with an April earnings report.

Apple – $387.5 Billion

Apple is well-known for its innovative designs, which they create, innovate, and distribute to as many retailers as possible. Yet the company has branched out to add even more money to its impressive income stream in recent years. Apple Music and AppleTV+ have set the stage for the tech giant to grow in new directions.

Jeff Bezos

It’s not easy to be recognized as a successful company by business magazines and get featured. But if there’s anything harder, it is to be recognized and loved by those who got featured there. Tencent’s most popular communication tool WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. In 2021, Facebook Inc. changed its name to Meta Platforms to emphasize its orientation to the metaverse. Virtual/augmented reality is the future, and Meta claims to help people exist there.

This chart shows selected companies/brands/other entities owned by the world’s richest people as of Aug. 4, 2023. Sinopec is recognized as one of the largest gas, oil refining, and petrochemical companies, yet they advocate for a low-carbon revolution of global power. Moreover, they are serious enough to make the information about their initiatives right on the Sinopec website. While the headquarters are in Beijing, this corporation operates internationally.

The world’s biggest companies by market capitalization range across different market sectors, including technology, communication services, energy, consumer cyclicals, and financial services. Most companies in the top-10 list generate hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue. However, there are a few that generate less than $100 billion in annual revenue, suggesting that investors are optimistic about the potential growth of these companies compared with others on the list. This is a global list of largest technology companies by revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500.

Walmart is the world’s largest employer, with over 2.1 million global workers. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A/BRK.B) began with the merger of two regional textile companies in the 19th century. Only much later was it purchased by legendary investor Warren Buffett and converted into a conglomerate holding company.

Eli Lilly and Company (LLY)

These technology leaders have historically been some of the best investments to own and many of them are now among the largest and most valuable companies in the world. But this compensation does not influence the
information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe
of companies or financial offers that may be available to you. The world’s richest billionaires – through company stakes – are also connected to each other.

Saudi Arabian Oil, better known as Saudi Aramco, is a Saudi Arabia-based integrated oil and gas company. The company was founded as Standard Oil’s overseas operations and is now owned by the Saudi government. It operates digital content stores, provides cloud and payment services, and recently launched AppleTV+, a streaming service for on-demand entertainment content.

Facts about the world’s largest tech companies

In 2022 he and his wife Connie donated some $425 million to the University of Oregon to create an institute aimed at the behavioral and mental health needs of children in the state. Tencent’s co-founder Pony Ma’s wealth has also ebbed and flowed with the company’s richest tech company in the world fortunes. His net worth was estimated to have peaked at $75.1 billion in January 2021, according to Bloomberg, before the crackdown. Tencent’s ascent comes as Silicon Valley’s Meta, the parent company of Facebook, saw an extended stock slide on Thursday.

“It’s not the mega event that it was just two or three years ago. It shows that Big Tech is in an unmatched position coming out of the pandemic.” The Nasdaq Technology 100 Index hasn’t been able to sustain its pandemic-fueled highs, dipping 12% in 2022. A tech selloff in China has pushed Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Tech Index down 20% year to date. And, like the rest of the market, tech isn’t immune to investor worries about inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But institutional shareholders such as Vanguard, Blackrock, and Berkshire Hathaway hold more than 57% of the shares.

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